Appointment Book

The Appointment Book makes booking an appointment easy and convenient.
It is open 24/7, available when you are.
To book an appointment, choose a treatment length under “Select Service”. You have a choice of seeing our fully-certified RMT or our Second-Year Practicum Student.
(Details about Second-Year student here).
Then choose a date that shows “Available”.  If a date shows “Unavailable”, it is because that date does not have a time slot in the length you chose. Simply choose another date, or choose another treatment length.
Please help us keep our days seamless by choosing the first available or the last available time shown on an “Available” day. We may have to shift your appointment slightly to avoid gaps in the day, but we will notify you if that is necessary. Thank-you for your understanding.

Our online booking system (Appointy) allows you to create an account so you can log in and keep track of all your appointments. It even allows you to cancel an appointment (with 24-hours notice)! You will receive an email of your appointment request, a confirmation email, and a reminder email (24 hours before your scheduled appointment).

If you are having trouble logging in or need any assistance, please contact us at 780-814-3407 or email us, and we will walk you through it.

See Rates page, Cancellation Policy, and Your First Visit

Suggestions about our online Appointment Book? Please leave your comments below!

See you soon!